2018 PAISOC Scholarship Winner – Nadia Nasr

Our first scholarship winner is Nadia Nasr. Nadia has been selected for a $100 scholarship to help her complete her summer experience with the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps. We asked Nadia a few questions regarding her DCI experience and how a PAISOC scholarship might help her this summer.

When did you first get involved with DCI?
The first year I got involved with DCI was in 2016 for my rookie year with the Blue Stars. I became a drum corps fan back on 2011 when some of my older band friends introduced me to it. I never thought just a few years later I would be marching in a world class corps!

How will this scholarship help you pursue your goal of marching this summer?
This scholarship is going to help me achieve my goal of marching my ageout season because my mom got very sick a few months ago and had to go in and out of the hospital for a while. Not only has it very difficult for my family mentally, but it also took a toll on us financially. Getting together my tour fees this year has been a struggle, but any amount is very helpful and appreciated! This scholarship has allowed me to get one step closer to achieving my goal for one last time!

Why did you choose to spend your summer with the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps?
I chose to march with the Blue Stars because I heard so many wonderful things about their family atmosphere. When I was a freshman in college, two people in my section had just came back from tour and told many stories about their experiences. I ended up becoming good friends with them (I’m still friends with them to this day and now they are on the admin team!) and they were such an encouragement to me while auditioning and during the season. Once I was finally with the corps, I got to experience myself just how much of a family the Blue Stars are. I’m so grateful for the last two summers here, and I can’t wait to age-out with this organization!

PAISOC is extremely excited to help support Nadia this summer and can’t wait to follow her journey with Blue Stars.

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