2018 PAISOC Scholarship Winner – Reginald Dawkins

Meet Reginald Dawkins – a member of the 2018 Carolina Crown Color Guard! We are happy to announce Reginald as the third winner of the Paisoc Summer DCI Scholarship. Reginald is currently studying Special Education in North Carolina with hopes to one day pursue his Masters Degree in Higher Education and after that a PhD in Student Affairs. Reginald answered a couple questions for us to help you get to know him a little better.

When did you first get involved with DCI?
I got involved with DCI when I began marching with Carolina Crown in 2016!

How will this scholarship help you pursue your goal of marching in 2018?
It will continue to allow my creativity to spread and pursue an amazing educational opportunity with some of the best in the world so that I may become like them and inspire those who started just like I did.

Why did you choose to march with Carolina Crown?
I chose Crown because the moment I saw them in 2012, it was the corps that stole my heart and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Since then I practiced everyday until my first audition so that I could be there on that field someday.

As with all of our scholarship winners we are very excited to follow Reginald as he travels across the country this summer with Carolina Crown. We look forward to seeing him perform at a show this summer and we await the opportunity to support him this summer and the weeks and months after his tour finishes in Indianapolis!

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